3 Best Thai Restaurants in Canterbury 2023

Best Thai Restaurants Canterbury.  Who doesn’t love Thai food?  Whether you are looking for Pad Thai, Tom Kha Gai soup, a Panang, Mussaman or Red Thai Curry, here is a great list of the best Thai Restaurants in Canterbury.

Lanna Thai, Canterbury

2-3 Dover St, Canterbury CT1 3HD

Lanna Thai in Canterbury, “At Lanna Thai Restaurant, we strive to bring you a new, original & authentic taste of Thailand & hope you enjoy this unique cuisine through our variety dishes within Thai tradition. ”

A special of theirs is the “Pad Thai, The signature of Thai rice noodle with meat of your choice, egg, bean sprout, carrot, spring onion and tamarind sauce. Served with crushed peanut on the side”

Best Thai Restaurant Canterbury
Lanna Thai

Bangkok House

14-15 Church Street, Saint Paul’s, Canterbury CT1 1NH

Bangkok House in Canterbury, “We would like to take a moment to introduce you to Thailand and it’s unique cuisine. Thailand, the land of smile, is the Buddhist land in south east Asia. The country, whaich was formerly known as Siam, has been renamed to Thailand since 1939 in the era of King Rama VIII. Thailand means the land of freedom. The Thais are proud of their country which has never been a colony of any country. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.

Thai cuisine ranges from mild and subtly flavoured dishes to hot and fiery ones. The food is flavoured with many different herbs and spices; Garlic, Lemon Grass, Galanga, Ginger, Basil Leaves, etc. Thai curry paste is prepared by blending at least nine different ingredients. Thailand has a long and beautiful coastline as well as a wealth of seafood dishes.

The traditional way to eat Thai food is with a spoon and fork from a flat plate. The plate, filled with Rice, are taken together with main course dishes. The Thais prefer not to mix their foods in order to retain the subtletes of each dish’s taste and flavour. To get the best out of your Thai meal, one may also share a variety of starters, salads and vegetable dishes.

We take great pride in preparing Thai food and that’s why each dish is filled with a work of art. We hope you will enjoy your dining experience with us.


Canterbury Best Thai
Bangkok House


10-11 Burgate Ln, Canterbury CT1 2HH

ChomChom in Canterbury, “Chom Chom unites the rich cultures of Asia and the Continent to bring you a unique concept, combining fresh and authentic ingredients, friendly service and sumptuous surroundings. Watch your homemade pizza being tossed in the air, your choice of noodles being cooked in front of you at Chom Chom’s live theatre kitchen, or enjoy a gourmet salad and fresh fruit – all for one set price”

A special of theirs is the “Around the World Main Course, Pan-fried Chicken with wild Mushroom Sauce, Vegetable Lasagne, Mongolian Seafood, Thai Green Curry, Assorted Vegetables, Chicken with Black Bean Sauce,  Beef Shitake with Basil, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Kadhai, Chicken Dhansak, Saag Paneer, Bombay Aloo, Egg fried Rice, Steam Basmati Rice.”

Best Thai Restaurants Canterbury


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