6 Best Thai Restaurants in Cardiff 2022

Best Thai Restaurants Cardiff.  Who doesn’t love Thai food?  Whether you are looking for Pad Thai, Tom Kha Gai soup, a Panang, Mussaman or Red Thai Curry, here is a great list of the best Thai Restaurants in Cardiff.

Praya Thai, Cardiff

22-24 Churchill Way, Cardiff CF10 2DY

Praya Thai in Cardiff, “As one of the few Thai restaurants in south Wales, not to mention Cardiff, we are proud to typify what Thailand has to offer in regards to cuisine and hospitality. Thai food is fondly known for its diverse and distinctive ingredients, complex flavours, and spiciness. It is made to be shared amongst friends and family, whether it be for a cosy night in or a big social event.”

A special of theirs is the “Prawn Curry” which is “A rich curry with jumbo prawns, kaffir leaves and mushrooms.”


Best Thai Cardiff
Praya Thai


Chilli Basil

232 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3JH

Chilli Basil in Cardiff, “Chilli Basil has been opened since October 2014, serving fresh, stir fried Thai food to many customers who enjoy the food, the restaurant and friendly staff.

We invite you to try our food! Customers enjoy the Thai dishes, casual atmosphere, friendly staff and low price! You will only find out truly if it is to your taste by eating the food here. Decide for yourself whether you agree with what the other customers are saying!

A few specials of theirs are the “Stir Fried Udon Noodles”, the “Chicken Katsu Curry” and the “Pineapple Fried Rice with Cashew Nut”.


Best Cardiff Thai
Chilli Basil


Bangkok Cafe

207 Cowbridge Rd E, Cardiff CF11 9AJ

Bangkok Cafe in Cardiff, “Our dishes bring the fun element to Thai food; each dish is served on an array of colourful plates, showing the true nature of Thailand. All of our dishes are made to order and created in-house all by Thai chefs. When plating the food, each dish is designed to bring a well-balanced personal eating experience. Our ingredients are sourced by local suppliers; Rogers & Sons Butchers, Celtic Coast Fish Mongers and Chef’s Choice Greengrocers.

All aspects of our dishes are created by our Thai kitchen team, from dipping sauces to our marinades, it’s all created at Bangkok Cafe!

Vibrant food in the heart of Cardiff!”


Thai Restaurant Cardiff Best
Bangkok Cafe


40 Cardiff Rd, Newport NP20 2ED

Patt-Thai in Cardiff, “It’s so easy to use, fast and convenient. Try our new, online website which contains our entire takeaway menu. Patt-Thai is at 40, Cardiff Road, Newport, NP20 2ED. You can now order online, all your favourite dishes. We offering you a delicious variety of Starters, Stir-Fry, Side Orders, Rice Dishes, Soups, and have them delivered straight to your door in no time. Here at Patt-Thai, we are constantly striving to improve our service and quality in online takeaway ordering to give our customers the very best experience. We hope you enjoy our online ordering website and our takeaway delicious food. Bon appetite!

You can now relax at home and order your favourite, freshly prepared Thai Dishes from Patt-Thai. You can even pay online! Patt-Thai will always be offering great food at affordable prices and we are the Best Thai Takeaway in Newport. Patt Thai, Newport offers you a delicious variety of Starters, Stir-Fry, Side Orders, Rice Dishes, Soups and have them delivered straight to your door in no time.”


Cardiff Thai Best


Brother Thai Restaurant Cardiff

35 Whitchurch Rd, Cardiff CF14 3JN

Brother Thai in Cardiff, “We are not a traditional Thai Restaurant! We have a unique street food background.

We have a dog friendly garden, open during the sunny & dry days. There’s also a window table for walk ins. Last minute cancellations pop straight back onto the website booking app, so its always worth checking back.

For groups of 1-4 you can book from 1hr 15min to 1hr 45min. For groups of 5-6 you can book for up to 2hrs.

We have created a lovely home for our food and we want you to come and experience it.


Best Bournemouth Thai
Brother Thai


Hug Paeng

23, Cardiff CF24 4TJ

Hug Paeng in Cardiff, “At Hug Paeng we specialize in authentic green and red Thai curries. Our home-cooked curries are made from finest ingredients and are prepared over a long period of time, using traditional techniques such as crushing and grounding herbs and spices in a mortar to create the curry base. We take pride in cooking for you the rich and delicious curries of our Thai homeland.

“Dearly Cherish” is the meaning of HUG PAENG in the dialect of north-eastern Thailand where the enjoyment of food is an essential part of the culture.

In most restaurants, Thai curries are based on ready-made curry-pastes . I make mine from scratch, this means that I use a mortar to crush and ground carefully selected herbs and spices over a long period of time until the consistency of oils and flavours are perfect. Additionally, as I make my own curry paste, I can assure you that my curry paste is 100 percent vegan!”


Cardiff Thai Best
Hug Paeng

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