3 Best Chinese Restaurants in Sheffield

Best Chinese Restaurants Sheffield.  Who doesn’t love Chinese food?

Whether you are looking for Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork or even Peking Roast Duck, here is a great list of the best Chinese Restaurants in Sheffield.


China Red Restaurant, Sheffield

3 Rockingham Gate, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4JD

China Red Restaurant in Sheffield, “Established in 2006, China Red Restaurant strives to offer authentic Sze Chuan cuisine in the heart of Sheffield. Traditionally trained chefs turn fresh ingredients into authentic specialty dishes that rival those offered in China.​The restaurant offers ample seating to accommodate anyone from couples to large parties. The upper floor of the restaurant also boasts a karaoke bar with state of the art amenities and equipment.​We at China Red accept phone-in reservations, take-away as well as walk-in guests.

On a cold day, there’s no beating an authentic hot pot. This dish consists of a simmering pot of broth filled with various tasty ingredients like egg noodles, eggs, meats, veggies, tofu and even dumplings.

We get our produce fresh daily so our specials change often! From seafood to some incredible meats we work with the best suppliers from Sheffield to ensure we keep amazing standards of food.”


chinese restaurants in sheffield
China Red Restaurant


Noodle Inn

156 London Rd, Highfield, Sheffield S2 4LT

Noodle Inn in Sheffield, “After almost 18 years in business, Noodle Inn still serves the best Chinese food in Sheffield area. Apart from the crowd-pleaser “Big Bowl” Noodles, it is also famous for the second-to-none “Roast Duck”. “Great food; valuable portion and reasonable price” are the keys for Noodle inn remaining the most popular Chinese restaurant among not only students but also the indigenous population. We are a restaurants that looks ahead, follows the trend and brings in the traditional Chinese cuisines from china. It’s our goal to deliver a memorable dining experience offering authentic Chinese cuisine, exceptional food quality and excellent customer service in a congenial ambiance.

Our fine dining concepts include not only traditional Cantonese cuisines, but also Szechuan dishes.

We will continue to improve so as to meet customer’s satisfaction. We take the time to put together collections of Chinese favourites that we know you’ll enjoy. We started with essentials including noodles, rice and vegetable dishes; next we sourced fine meats for our chicken, beef and lamb plates. Our expansive menu is graciously put together, just for you.”


chinese restaurants sheffield
Noodle Inn


Bobo Express

51 Furnival Gate, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4QQ

Bobo Express in Sheffield, “Bobo Express truly understands what a  healthy diet achievements are, that is why we successfully deliver hot food at “express” time for both students and office workers in the area. Clay pot Rice is the main dish which comes with a variety of meat choices on top of the rice, oil free, and less amount of salt and MSG than in usual cooking techniques.  A portion of Clay pot Rice only needs 10 minutes for cooking. Complementary to delicious clay pot rice comes the sauce poured on top and delivers a sizzling sound. The real delicacy is however the golden, crispy layer which is formed at the base during cooking, which is consider a cooking treasure in Chinese gastronomy.

Nowadays, an increasing amount of people is busier than ever works or study and forget about vitamins and healthy diet, which should be part of our everyday nutrition. Bobo Express specializes in bringing nutritive broth and herbals together in every delicious portion of soup cooked freshly.

The broth mixture of herbals has detox characteristics as well helping eliminate the unnecessary toxins accumulated on a daily basis.  Every single broth is in the steamer for at least 4 hours, in order for the herbs and meat to combine their strong tastes and create an absolutely delicious eating experience. We do not use salt, MSG or any other seasonings for the soup and the taste is strictly from the meat and herbs. This broth looks similar with soup texture, however the cooking process, the vitamins and the nutrition value is totally different from the common soup found anywhere else.”


best chinese restaurants in sheffield
Bobo Express


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